Integral deployment Systems

Integral deployment Systems “KosmoLab” for light Launch Vehicles and interorbital small Upper-Stages are intended for placement and deployment of main Satellite as a Primary PayLoad. Also, the construction of Systems, consisted of integrated Deployers “KosmoLab”, provides placement and cluster deployment of CubeSats as a Secondary PayLoads.

Such integral construction of System provides sufficient rigidity and reduced mass characteristics compare to classical solutions.

Deployment System “KosmoLab” for light Launch Vehicles

Technical parameters of Deployment Systems “KosmoLab”:

Mass of main Sattelite, kgup to 300
Mass of CubeSats, kgup to 96
Dimension-types of CubeSats1U16U
Mass of System (aluminum), kg
Mass of System (composite), kg
not more than 60
not more than 40

Available modification of Systems according to your requirements specification and interface adjustment to desired launch vehicles.