Deployers Adapter for Upper-Stages

Deployers’ Adapter “KosmoLab” is intended for installation onto Upper-stages and holding CubeSat Deployers “KosmoLab” at cluster launch of CubeSats as secondary PayLoads. Composite construction of Adapter provides sufficient rigidity and reduced mass characteristics compare to classical solutions.

Deployers’ Adapter “KosmoLab” for Upper-stages

Technical parameters of Deployers Adapter “KosmoLab”

Mass of Adapter, kgnot more than 65
Dimensions (LхW×H), mm 3050 х 3050 × 370
Number of Deployes, pcs up to 16
Number of Sequencers, pcs: up to 4
Total mass of contained CubeSats, kg up to 384
Mass of Adapter with Deployers + CubeSats, kg not more than 675

Deployers’ Adapter “KosmoLab” for upper-stages can be modified for placement and deployment of Primary PayLoad.