CubeSat Deployers 12U series

CubeSat Deployers “KosmoLab” 12U series are available in any configuration to fit into package of CubeSats with needed dimension-types from 1U to 12U.

Technical parameters of CubeSat Deployers “KosmoLab” 12U series:

Weight, kgnot more than 12
Dimensions (L×W×H), mm485 × 275,5 × 270,9
Relative separation speed of CubeSat, m/s0,5 – 2,0
Angular separation speed of CubeSat, d/snot more than 2
Estimation time of deployment, snot more than 1
Total weight of contained CubeSats, kgnot more than 24

The first pilot version of CubeSat Deployer “KosmoLab” 12U (configuration 2*3U+6U) has successfully passed acceptance tests:

The second advanced version is in prodaction now:

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CubeSat Deployer “KosmoLab” series 12U – configuration 2*3U+6U