KosmoLab LLC develops own deployment Systems for space satellites:

CubeSat deployers “KosmoLab” series 3U , 4U , 6U , 12U , 16U are available in any configuration to fit into package of CubeSats with needed dimension-types and can be adapted to any upper-stage of any launch vehicles.

series 6U
series 12U
series 16U

Deployment Systems on the base of Deployers “KosmoLab”:

band deployment Systems for upper-stages
(satellites 50-400 kg)

integral deployment Systems for light launch vehicles and interorbital small upper-stages
(primary satellite 50-300 kg and secondary CubeSats)
deployers’ Adapters for

Also KosmoLab is capable to develop Space-Rocket Hardware according to your requirements specification, provide its necessary acceptance tests and production.